Monday, April 19, 2010

How a Bill in Congress can kill small and medium size wineries in the US

So, usually my posts are pretty enjoyable, but this one is going to be me on my soap box -
Every one who enjoys wine - and it doesn't matter where in our country you live - should contact their Congress member and tell them that they need to come out in opposition to H.R. 5034. It is titled "Comprehensive Alcohol regulatory Effectiveness (CARE) Act of 2010" - it is nothing more than a grab by the wine, beer and spirit wholesalers to try to regulate how alcohol is available in this country - oh, and by the way, they want it to be them. This is not, at its heart, a states rights issue, it is a business issue. 6 - that's right, just 6 - distributors in this country control 50% of the wine, beer and spirits distribution in the United States. It forces small and medium size wineries to either sell to them at razor thin margins, or cut production (and if they have to cut back, then they have to cut jobs as well). The big six wholesalers are making huge profits (not like the oil industry, but they are all living large), and this bill would cut off the ability for wineries - of any size - to sell directly to consumers in any state. It would also curtail the choices consumers have to get the wines that they want, since in many states, the direct to consumer option might be the only way for a consumer to get their favorite wines. If these wineries go out of business - and it would hurt some of them to that point - then not only are wine jobs lost, but associated industries, such as grape growers, would be hurt, as the options for who they can sell their products to takes a severe hit, resulting in lost jobs in those businesses as well.
take this seriously - we all need to contact our Congressional representatives, and tell them that support of this bill amounts to opposition to their re-election bid (I have contacted mine, and let her know!). Don't let your choice be controlled by the wholesalers!!!!
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